New Song Released with Victor & Penny and Their Loose Change Orchestra!

Click HERE to download “This Little Crow!” A portion of the proceeds from this song will go towards a college fund for Kasey Rausch’s daughter. Recorded in March 2015 by Rob Nold Audio, Kasey Rausch, with the pride of Kansas City, Victor & Penny and Their Loose Change Orchestra, “This Little Crow” is a song written by Kasey for all you parents out there who have “babies” about to fly. It’s about being so proud to “cut the apron strings” as you recognize that you’ve raised your young’n up just fine and it’s time to watch them take off in flight. It’s a song for my daughter, Kaya, as she graduates high school in May and takes to the wind for a grand new adventure in life…As of today, April 22, 2015, “This Little Crow” is available for download only through BandCamp (and soon CDBaby!)  We’re asking for $3 per download which is a bit unconventional for a single song price, we know, but here’s what you get for that price:  music to keep for the rest of your life, a warm fuzzy heart for knowing that you contributed to a young woman’s college education fund, AND a bonus goose-bumpy feeling because you also contributed to the direct support of Kansas City musicians. Imagine, you could spend that $3 on a single black cup of coffee and it’s gone in 30 minutes…  Thanks for choosing music and community!  Soon, the song will be available for a typical single song price through iTunes, Amazon and all the usual suspects for downloads,but your support through BandCamp and CDBaby for $3 or more is so greatly appreciated. THANKS!IMG_0641This Little Crow - Kasey Rausch Victor and Penny - Natalie McLaws

My Time at the Grand Ole Opry

Photo by Natalie McLaws
Photo by Natalie McLaws

I got a chance to sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage!  Whew!  There.  I shouted it.  I tried starting this story a couple times but nothing quite captured the joy I felt when I stepped on that historic circle.  It was mid-March and I was so glad to be able to spend my daughter’s senior year spring break with her and my niece.  We had been planning on bee-lining it for the ocean but the forecast looked iffy so the day before we were to be leaving town we got the notion to head to Nashville.  My long-time friend Lorie Jo opened her home and chauffeured us around a bit.  She dropped us off at the Opry that day for us to do the tourist thing — and the tourist thing we did.  We took pictures outside by the giant guitars, bought tickets for the tour (scored the very last three for the last tour of the day! Sorry to those folks right behind us. :/).  But when I stepped on that stage, it really didn’t matter that I was there just like every other tourist.  I was given an opportunity to sing – to exercise my  lungs and share a song with a group of people on this fine stage.  Thoughts ran through my mind as we winded through the back hallways, greenrooms, family rooms.  What shall I sing?  Singing one of my own songs just didn’t feel right at the moment for some reason.  I couldn’t pinpoint why.   The only person that kept running through my mind was my songwriting hero, Mr. Johhny Mullins.  But what of his songs?  They are all so beautiful, varied and numbered.  For a moment I considered his song “Nashville” (which the girls and I had been singing quite a lot while we were there) but I decided that maybe as a guest in their fine town, I should pick something that maybe wouldn’t be hurtful or sorrowful to them (“Nashville, where a lonely face is common place in Nashville.” – Johnny Mullins.)  So to honor two birds with one song (*smile*) I settled on “Blue Kentucky Girl,” a song that Johnny wrote specifically for the one and only Loretta Lynn.  I stood tall, (well as tall as my 5’2″ frame would let me), took a strong breath in and… sang.  I sang with all the joy I could offer.  A Capella. One verse. A memory for life.  Maybe if I ever earn my way on to the Grand Ole Opry stage I’ll share a song of my own.  Until then, I’ll hold on to that feeling and cherish that few moments spent with my kids, a handful of strangers, and empty seats in the Grand Ole Opry.

Studio time w/ Victor & Penny and a House Concert with John Statz!

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4, 2015 | Studio time! House Concert!

I’ll start the day in the studio of Rob Nold Audio to record a brand new song with special guests Victor & Penny and Their Loose Change Orchestra (bassist Rick Willoughby and clarinet player James Isaac!)  This will be the first of a new series of singles I’ll be releasing this year.  The songs will be available for download only until the time comes that I have 10-12 songs done.  Then we’ll celebrate with an album release.  What fun!  I’ll be calling on some of my favorite bands and musicians from Kansas City and beyond to record a song with me.  The final album will be filled with some of the most beautiful people and music makers I know.  EXCITING!  


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Kasey Rausch plays solo to kick off the evening then passes the guitar on to John Statz of Colorado to celebrate the release of his new album, Tulsa.

For tickets and information contact ChristianAHankel [at] gmail [dot] com.

About John Statz:  After years of DIY touring everywhere from Eastern Europe to Mexico, the Wisconsinite who now resides in Colorado fell in with fellow Midwesterner Jeffrey Foucault, a critically acclaimed songwriter and veteran of the americana circuit. A fan of Statz’s last album (2012’s Old Fashioned, produced by Bo Ramsey), Foucault offered to produce his next record while the two were on tour together in Colorado.The resulting Tulsa is beautiful blend of soft americana and smooth folk with echoes of The Jayhawks and Whiskeytown. “John writes songs you can’t shake,” says Foucault. “They follow you around all day and run through your head at 3 a.m. Open hearted, horizon-line songs.”

“Jeff kicked my ass. He pushed me to crank out well-written songs,” continues Statz. “He’s such a great songwriter himself and I felt like I had to step up my game. And then there is the absolutely amazing band…” The band John speaks of features Billy Conway (Morphine) on drums, Mark Spencer (Son Volt) on electric guitars and pedal steel, Jeremy Moses Curtis (Booker T) on bass, Jeffrey Foucault on guitars and vocals, Caitlin Canty singing harmonies and Matt Lorenz on fiddle.