103 (and now she’s finally free.)


103” tells the story of my Great-Grandmother Mary Ellen (Johnson) Ford.  She was born in rural Platte County and was a lifelong resident of Parkville, Missouri.  A gem of a lady, she would feed you anything she could manage to pull out of her kitchen cabinets and refrigerator, and always danced a jig on her birthday.  She wore her pastel beads on Easter and jingle bells on her skirt for Christmas.  My daughter took her first steps in her home on 9 Highway.  Grannie lived to be 103 years old – mostly healthy and happy right up until the end.  That final day also happened to be my birthday so as we celebrated my life, we helped her ease into death.  I had never known a day of balance as great as that one.  Cheers, Grannie!  Thanks for teaching me to giggle and for letting me be one of your “sweet petunias.”


family 100th birthday
100th Birthday Celebration of Mary Ellen Ford. August 17, 2004.

Kasey Rausch – vocals & acoustic guitar

Kim Rausch – harmonies

Ethan Ridings – lead acoustic guitar

Molly Healey – fiddle

Caleb Gardner – mandolin

Chris DeVictor – upright bass

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rob Nold Audio