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Kasey Rausch’s Country Duo at Sun Studio!

PBS Sun Studio Session to air nationwide.

The Country Duo (Kasey Rausch & Marco Pascolini) are honored to have been invited by the legendary Sun Studio (recording home to Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis) to film an episode for the PBS Sun Studio Sessions. The duo will return to Memphis, TN on August 13 for a special public concert at Otherlands before filming the television show live in Sun Studio on August 14, 2016. This comes after The Country Duo made an impromptu recording at the historic studio in March of 2016. Look for the 45 RPM vinyl to be released this Fall. The 8th season of the PBS Sun Sessions will begin airing on PBS across the US in the Spring of 2017. Visit the Sun Studio Sessions YouTube Channel to watch episodes from the previous seven seasons including performances and interviews by: Margo Price, Jakob Dylan, Aoife O’Donovan, Justin Townes Earle and many more. Subscribe to Kasey Rausch’s Country Duo email list at www.kaseyrausch.com to stay updated on upcoming shows and releases.

The Country Duo is Kansas City’s Kasey Rausch and Marco Pascolini. Armed with acoustic and electric guitars, a pedal steel, and a passion for good ol’ country music, you’ll hear them play Rausch’s original country folk tunes as well as the classics from Patsy to Merle, Gram to Emmylou. Spring of 2016 found the duo playing in Nashville, Tennessee at the Station Inn with Grammy winners The Roland White Band, watching the Grand Ole Opry from the stage, and touring through Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri and Kansas.
Kasey Rausch is a 4th generation songwriter, musician and co-producer of River Trade Radio on KKFI 90.1FM. Her family and musical roots can be found in Parkville, Kansas City, the Missouri Ozarks, Winfield, Kansas (home of the legendary Walnut Valley Festival), and deep Southeast Texas. Rausch’s third album Guitar in Hand (MudStomp Records 2014) debuted at #3 on the Roots Music Reporting charts and was voted one of the top three albums of the year by readers of The Pitch, KC’s weekly entertainment guide. She was named 2013’s Female Performer of the Year by The Farmer’s Turnpike on KMXN 92.9 FM, sharing the stage with Joe Ely, Peter Rowan, Roland White, Kris Delmhorst, Jack Williams and many more.

Marco Pascolini is the stuff of guitar legends. For more than twenty years he has forged his path as one of the most well-respected musicians in Kansas City. Recognized as one of the region’s most influential musicians, his talent across a multitude of instruments has been acknowledged in numerous music media including The Kansas City Star and The Pitch, among others. Be it an electric guitar or a pedal steel in his hands, you’ll find him touring with Kasey Rausch’s Country Duo or on stage in his home town with Mr. Marco’s V7, The Naughty Pines or songwriter extraordinaire Scott Hrabko.

My Time at the Grand Ole Opry

Photo by Natalie McLaws
Photo by Natalie McLaws

I got a chance to sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage!  Whew!  There.  I shouted it.  I tried starting this story a couple times but nothing quite captured the joy I felt when I stepped on that historic circle.  It was mid-March and I was so glad to be able to spend my daughter’s senior year spring break with her and my niece.  We had been planning on bee-lining it for the ocean but the forecast looked iffy so the day before we were to be leaving town we got the notion to head to Nashville.  My long-time friend Lorie Jo opened her home and chauffeured us around a bit.  She dropped us off at the Opry that day for us to do the tourist thing — and the tourist thing we did.  We took pictures outside by the giant guitars, bought tickets for the tour (scored the very last three for the last tour of the day! Sorry to those folks right behind us. :/).  But when I stepped on that stage, it really didn’t matter that I was there just like every other tourist.  I was given an opportunity to sing – to exercise my  lungs and share a song with a group of people on this fine stage.  Thoughts ran through my mind as we winded through the back hallways, greenrooms, family rooms.  What shall I sing?  Singing one of my own songs just didn’t feel right at the moment for some reason.  I couldn’t pinpoint why.   The only person that kept running through my mind was my songwriting hero, Mr. Johhny Mullins.  But what of his songs?  They are all so beautiful, varied and numbered.  For a moment I considered his song “Nashville” (which the girls and I had been singing quite a lot while we were there) but I decided that maybe as a guest in their fine town, I should pick something that maybe wouldn’t be hurtful or sorrowful to them (“Nashville, where a lonely face is common place in Nashville.” – Johnny Mullins.)  So to honor two birds with one song (*smile*) I settled on “Blue Kentucky Girl,” a song that Johnny wrote specifically for the one and only Loretta Lynn.  I stood tall, (well as tall as my 5’2″ frame would let me), took a strong breath in and… sang.  I sang with all the joy I could offer.  A Capella. One verse. A memory for life.  Maybe if I ever earn my way on to the Grand Ole Opry stage I’ll share a song of my own.  Until then, I’ll hold on to that feeling and cherish that few moments spent with my kids, a handful of strangers, and empty seats in the Grand Ole Opry.